Creating an oasis

Photo by: Jordan Herewini, Chalkboards available for purchase here.

By Davina Richards

Much like salt and pepper, black and white mix very well when a balance is achieved, and they look after each other too: white reflects light and dark absorbs, creating the ideal equilibrium for any home.

Depending on the space you have and the effect you want to achieve, white can make a room appear larger and minimise unkindly marks or blemishes, while the role of black is good at making a room appear smaller.
Crisp whites can make you want to reach for your sunglasses, especially if you have a lot of natural light pouring through your home. Whereas true blacks can be quite oppressive depending on how much you use it and the amount of light available.
Therefore many people explore the outcomes of off-whites and grey blacks, such as ivory and deep grey tones, which can come in a range of undertones, tints and shades. There are plenty of variations of colours to determine what looks best in your room.
Artists usually begin with a white canvas to frame their work and likewise, many homeowners opt for white walls and floors to act as a clean backdrop. Use white as the starting point and begin to layer onto your ‘canvas’. Think about stainless steel appliances, brass lighting fixtures, copper and gold colours to complete your design and award your theme with a punch.
The drama and volume of a black and white theme can be reinforced by the addition of a third colour from the palette, commonly a bright colour. By incorporating a third colour will dramatise the black and white by making it stand out. Use your creativity and imagination to incorporate colour around the home; think of feature walls, patterned tiles, accessories and furnishings.
Play around with matt and glossy finishes, rough with smooth, graphic designs, lighting fixtures, wallpapers, home wares and accents such as wood to add that earthy feel. In whatever direction you want to take your room; glamour, minimal, chic, vintage, feminine, or gentleman’s black-tie panache, remember to connect your style to the rest of the room to add depth and interest.

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