Cosy corners

By Davina Richards

The nights are drawing in and cooling down, and it’s darker in the mornings; that’s right, summer’s gone and autumn’s settling in. What this means is now’s a good time to begin an autumn project, and one which you’ll get a lot of use out of when winter creeps in.

Creating a cosy little reading nook is a great way to enliven dead spaces and awkward places around the home. It can be a great escape spot for kids and adults alike when you crave a moment to yourself and want to wind down after a long day.

And it needn’t be expensive. You can go all out DIY, or simply lay down a soft rug in a corner and adorn with fluffed up cushions, blankets and paraphernalia.

Here are a few suggestions to create the perfect nook:

Placement – depending on your personal preference, a nook can be created in places such as an alcove under the stairs, a window seat, a cosy area in the garden or balcony, or in the back corner of a large room. Try out different spaces to find a location which feels right.
Privacy – when we want to curl up and get away from the world, many of us like to go somewhere quiet. A private nook may not be possible in every home, but try to find a spot which is away from foot and car traffic, and in an uncluttered or busy area.
Make it comfortable – bring out the eclectic mix of cushions, blankets and suitable lighting. Surround yourself with things you love: books, plants, shelving, a mirror, pin up your favourite photographs, frame book covers or hang artwork up to add depth and to personalise your little fort.
Decorate – choose tranquil colours to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Strong colours can be distracting and harsh on the eyes.
View – unfortunately we’re not all blessed with a room with a view, but if it’s possible to have a view out of a window, such as a garden or river, natural light will flow through.

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