Cool Ways to Warm up Your Interior Style


By Ann-Marie Appleton

Winter can be a challenge after summer with its drab and dreary feel. Despite this, with a few small touches you can make your home a warm and cosy sanctuary you won’t ever want to leave.

The theory about having the cooler colours in winter and the bright colours in summer is a common misconception. If you want to change the feeling and warmth of a room between seasons, it does not need to be an expensive exercise.

Instead of exchanging the bright summer colours for the cooler winter palette, you can enhance your home by simply adding a few small items.

As winter approaches you may find yourself wanting to snuggle up with a cup of tea and hibernate for the day. This cosy feeling can be achieved with a few well placed cushions and throws playing with textures and layering of colours.

A candle here and there with gold or copper accents will provide an affordable pop of warmth that will fit with any scheme. If you do want to enhance the colours of your space, opt for deep reds, purples or burnt oranges and coppers to provide colour and warmth, rather then the basic greys and browns.

Heating is essential in winter but ‘heating’ does not have to come from heat pumps or fire places. A fantastic rug may cost you a little more, but will provide you with the warm ambience you are looking for. It can help accentuate that warm feeling along with being a great focal point to the interior.

Bright artwork can pack a punch of colour and add warmth to your space. You can change your artwork around between rooms and seasons to keep the energy feeling warm and fun in your chosen rooms, i.e. flowers in the summer and landscape in the winter.

Don’t forget the bathroom! Making use of the space with hot baths, plush towels and lighting candles that let off a delicious aroma will make winter more appealing.

Ann-Marie Appleton is the director of interior design company Frobisher Interiors. She holds a diploma in interior design and is a member of DINZ. Visit

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