Controlling clutter

By Davina Richards

Some people say a home and everything inside can speak volumes about the person living in it. In the modern world we live in it’s simply become too easy to accumulate clutter around the home and even easier to not do anything about it.

In Feng Shui, clutter blocks positive energy and breeds stagnant energy.

Being clutter-free can be a constant battle for many. We’d much rather be lounging around on the sofa after a long day’s work than having to deal with the overwhelming mess in your home.

Whether it’s piles of magazines and junk mail overflowing the drawers, objects you trip over on a daily basis, or stuff hiding in the closet, clutter can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. It can be especially difficult for families who find their beautifully designed home has become every parent’s nightmare and every child’s Disneyland.

A home is a place where you can relax, be comfortable, invite guests around and surround yourself with things you love, whether it’s art which inspires, photographs which motivate, or the colour of your walls to help you unwind.


Here are a few tips to help you refresh your space and your mind.

Think about the purpose of each room

For example, a formal dining room is where you invite guests over and enjoy a meal or drink.
If you can’t remember the last time you entertained and there’s a layer of dust appearing on the surface, don’t feel obliged to keep the table.

Think before you buy

Instead of being coaxed by mid-season sale signs and filling up your basket until it pours over, think about whether you need the items and if you’ll use them. Avoid buying unnecessarily. By keeping things out of your home in the first place you’ll never find your home flooded with clutter.

Make space

Make room for every item, whether it’s a drawer to place mail, a shelf for keys, or a box for toys. Try to get into the routine of spending five to 10 minutes each day dedicated to clearing things away. When you get into the habit you’ll find that the clutter clears up all by itself.


One lesson which is hard to sustain is learning how to get rid of clutter. Throw out old newspapers and magazines, sell or give away pieces of unused furniture, kids’ clothes and toys. Anything previously used and loved, learn to let them go. Breathe fresh air into your home by getting rid of the old.

Start small

Learning to de-clutter your home isn’t an easy process and takes time. Begin with smaller areas of your environment and work towards bigger areas over time. Small changes make a big impact and you’ll soon find the motivation to tackle more difficult areas around your home.

Suggested reading:

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