Colour me beautiful

Top tips on colour

Paint is a quick and effective way of transforming any room in your home which needs a visual lift and a personal touch. Revitalise your space by applying a colour scheme which adds depth, interest and reflects your personality. It’s time to cast out the darkness and let colour pour through your home.

Here are a few tips to create a look that lasts beyond the trends:

DO  experiment with colours and paint with confidence. Mixing and
matching colours can be intimidating, but if it feels right for you, go with your instincts.

DO use a room’s character such as a window, a piece of furniture, or a
work of art to help you to choose a colour scheme. Something you already own is likely to play a part in choosing the right colours.

DO consider lighting conditions. Colours can look different under
artificial and natural lighting. Check how lighting reflects on your chosen colour to avoid disappointment.

DON’T paint the whole room in one colour. Particularly if you’re painting
with a strong colour or painting a small room. Applying the same colour in too many areas overtakes a room and makes it feel busy and uncomfortable. It’s common for bedrooms to be two colours, one on the walls and one complementary neutral on the ceiling or doors.

DO take into account the purpose of the room you’re decorating. Ask
yourself what you use the room for the most and what mood you want to create. Keep this in mind when choosing colours.

DON’T forget that colour on a window wall will appear darker as they do
not receive direct light.

DO continue a theme throughout your home. Choose colour schemes
which complement each other and apply to rooms using different combinations – it will bring the entire scheme together effectively.

DON’T use too many different colours in a room. Limit yourself to two or
three colours in the colour palette to create a space that’s inviting and one which flows easily. If you want to add more colour you can use accessories or furniture at a later stage.

DO consider painting on a textured surface. The combination of colour,
texture and patterns adds depth and interest.

DO experiment with the idea of having a feature wall and use
contrasting colours.

DO consider how to use colours to influence your mood, create atmosphere and energy in an appropriate room. Rich, strong colours naturally create a sense of drama, while warm, calm and fresh tones make a room feel airy, warm and fresh.

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