Built for Today, Good for Tomorrow

Building by its very nature is not overly environmentally friendly, but with careful consideration and planning, the impact can be significantly reduced.

Ryan house, built by NKR Builders Ltd was designed to reduce the overall environmental impact, during and after construction, to ensure it could meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

NKR Builders director Nathan Roberts has always prided himself on exceptional workmanship, Ryan House was an opportunity to take that workmanship to the next level and demonstrate a cleaner way to build.

Solidifying the quality that NKR Builders is renowned for, Ryan House was awarded a Gold Award at the Registered Master Builders House of The Year Awards 2018 and is a National Gold Reserve Finalist in the Resene New Home up to $450,000 category.

Forward thinking

NKR Builders has thoughtfully considered every step and stage of the Ryan House construction, from using New Zealand-sourced materials with a carbon zero footprint to ensuring their build processes are environmentally friendly and resource efficient.

With the home’s energy efficiency front of mind, the home utilises increased R rated insulation which provides the foundation of energy efficiency, slowing down the transfer of heat thus decreasing the need for heating and cooling systems.

But it doesn’t stop there, add insulated exterior doors, thermally broken aluminium extrusion windows with double glazing and tinted glass alongside the thermosiphon design, which incorporates high level automated windows allowing heat exchange throughout the house via natural convection. Energy efficiency, with just these few elements, is nearly at its peak.

Additionally the home uses solar energy for hot water, and full provisioning for future solar expansion is included meeting its needs now with future needs covered as well.

Through careful planning and design, a full grey water and storm water system has been provisioned allowing a further step towards a sustainable lifestyle, independent of climate or rainfall; also providing greater security for future water supplies.

Every consideration has been made down to using LED lighting throughout the property, eliminating further carbon emissions.

A simple sophistication

Ryan House stands out from its surroundings as a statement of design and meticulous planning.

Despite its modest 115sqm footprint this house manages to deceive the most sceptical viewer; tall ceilings with exposed rafters gives the presence of unlimited space and freedom, while providing a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Its compact size and orientation both contributing to its efficiency.

Entering through the striking red door of Ryan House exposes you to the modern, open-plan layout that ensures every square metre has a purpose – a space that works in cohesion and offers an uninterrupted flow.

The living area incorporates a modern ultra-low emission burner which heats the entire property by using a thermosiphon design.

At the heart of this clever home lies the modern, user-friendly kitchen. The walk-in butler’s pantry provides ample storage and flexibility and the free-flowing design to the outside entertainment area makes this the social hub of the house.

Two large bedrooms occupy the rear of the property, with a separate bathroom and toilet. The master suite has a modern feel with a walk around wardrobe and seamlessly flows outside to provide a sense of unlimited expansion.

A healthy and quiet indoor environment that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter while reducing money spent on energy.

NKR Builders have not only produced an energy efficient home but they’ve reduced their footprint getting there.

Ryan House is resilient, future focused and award worthy. NKR Builders are raising the building standards and the results speak for themselves.

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