‘The town of the future’ was the slogan that most scoffed at, but those naysayers will now be biting their tongue when they see what Rolleston has become.

Rolleston is a town that is really coming of age. In the years since the Christchurch earthquake it has grown exponentially. Though the growth may be largely earthquake driven, Rolleston has a lot more to offer than just quake refuge.

Since 2006 the population within the Selwyn District has grown by approximately 33,000, bringing the total population to around 56,000. Of those 56,000, 15,000 are taking up residence in Rolleston.

Selwyn District Council chief executive David Ward, says that Selwyn’s population was growing quickly before the earthquakes, the earthquakes have merely accelerated the rate of growth.


Business opportunities

The Selwyn District Council has established one of New Zealand’s largest business parks in Rolleston. IZone covers a staggering 188 hectares and is already hosting more than 70 businesses which are mainly involved in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

Conveniently situated on State Highway 1, IZone is a short 20-minute drive from Christchurch Airport and only 40 minutes from the Port of Lyttelton. Its location is easily accessible to all modes of transportation, including rail, making Izone ideal for export/import, freight forwarding and manufacturing.

And IZone is the only industrial hub to have its own dedicated staff recruitment website.

Why choose IZone:

  • Izone’s industrial land is some 40-60 percent less expensive than other local developments
  • Commercial and water rates in Selwyn are significantly lower than in Christchurch City •
  • Izone is set up for industry and there are no development contributions. This is a significant cost advantage.

Asside from IZone, David says the district has a range of employment options with plenty of space open for new service businesses in other areas as well.

“Our district welcomes new businesses and our strong population growth creates the demand for new businesses.”


Taking up residency

There is ample opportunity in Rolleston to settle down and create the perfect lifestyle David says.

“Rolleston is a very welcoming community which offers a safe and attractive environment with great new facilities like new schools, a new aquatic centre and a range of new parks.”

Moreover, Rolleston is the host of many weekend markets and has a strong sporting-club network.

David says a recent residence survey indicated that 90 percent of residents think that Selwyn is a great place to live. “As part of our District Plan Review we will also be looking at what aspects people consider to be important to our district’s lifestyle and seeking to protect them.”

Under the Selwyn Housing Accord approximately 1,200 new sections were issued in 2016. “Building consent activity continues to be strong in 2017 as it has been over the past few years.”

Rolleston really has become the ‘town of the future’. Become a part of it and grab your own slice of paradise in one of New Zealand’s fastest growing communities.


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