Building a New Home?

Top tips for the building consent process

The rebuild environment will provide some challenges for new home builders, but the Council is here to help.

Building operations manager Ethan Stetson says there has never been a better time to work together. “At the Council we know that this is new territory for many people who may have already been through a lot. The Building Act can be complex, so we’ve been working hard to make the building consent process as clear as possible for our customers.

“There are also clear benefits to working through the process properly. It will mean that you can be sure all steps around safety have been taken for your home. You will have also met your legal responsibilities as the building owner, which should make insurance processes a little easier.”

He also recommends keeping in mind that complying to 100 percent of the Building Code only meets a minimum standard.

“Why not talk to your designer or architect about going above this standard? You can ask for more – for example with bracing or framing systems. Is there a material available that performs better during seismic activity, or will it make your home more energy efficient? Yes, it might cost a little more now, but an investment now could save you a lot down the road.

“You might also like to check in with your agent and seek their assurance that the application they will submit on your behalf is all properly signed off and contains technically accurate information. Incomplete applications can really cause delays and cause unexpected costs to the homeowner such as having to redraw plans.”

If you want to learn more about the building consent process, check out this useful Go Ahead video at where senior building consent officer Ben Healy takes you through the steps.

Shape of the residential rebuild

For the months July – September, 98 percent of all building consents for residential applicants were issued in less than the required statutory 20 days. However, for the same period, 41 percent of all residential building consent applications required more information. When a request for more information is made, the statutory ‘clock’ stops and cannot start again until the required information is provided by the applicant. As your agent to respond quickly to these requests so you can get the go ahead sooner.[/box]

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