Blending Old with New


A seamless upgrade that enhances and modernises without obtruding is the ultimate artistry in a home renovation.

A major 50sqm of additional space was added to this traditional Christchurch home by the team at LOC Construction.

Rich with solid rimu paneling and golden wooden floors, it was critical to the homes essence that the extension tied in.

“This was our biggest challenge,” LOC Construction manager Tom O’Connell explains.

“The new paneling had to match the existing exactly. We were unable to source new rimu mouldings to match the colour of the existing, this meant we had to make our own mouldings out of the rimu skirting boards we removed from the wall that was removed from the house.

“The boys and I loved this, as it’s real craftsman work that you don’t often get to do these days.”

Awarded with a Silver Award at last year’s House of the Year Awards, the judges stated there was almost no telling where the original residence ends and the addition begins.




Work took place while the clients remained in the home, as such LOC Construction completely shut off the end of the house that the clients were living in, so they weren’t effected by noise or dust, and the team worked longer hours to get the job completed as quickly as possible.

This impressive renovation has given this home a new lease of life without depleting its classic charm.

LOC Construction achieve this by taking the time to connect with their clients to establish a clear vision that they then go out of their way to accomplish.

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