Best reflections


By Melinda Collins

While the wicked witch used them to assure herself of her own beauty, us mere mortals can use mirrors simply to beautify our homes. However, behind the glass façade is a tool more versatile than one may suspect at first glance.

Mirrors offer a powerful method to increase room size by lightening, brightening and generally appearing like an extension to a room.

Here are some of the basic tricks to enhance your space:

    • Use large mirrors in small rooms
    • Place a mirror on one side of a long narrow hallway to make the space appear much wider and lighter
    • Use a mirrored end wall on a short room to give the illusion of extra room length
    • Position mirrors to reflect the sunlight into the home, such as near or opposite windows or skylights, to enhance the light
    • Add more emphasis to the fireplace by placing a beautifully framed mirror above the mantel
    • Increase space in the kitchen by adding a mirrored splashback or mirrored cupboards and/or shelves
    • Hang mirrors opposite a piece of art or a feature within the room you want to emphasise
    • Place a large mirror on a dark feature wall to increase the room’s visual depth
    • Put mirrors behind shelves, or use mirrored alcoves to create the illusion of space
    • Try fitting mirrors, mirror tiles or mosaic tiles in your window reveals to make windows seem larger and reflect more light
    • Use large ornamental mirrors to increase the size of small outdoor areas or courtyards
    • Place groups of mirrors or unique feature mirrors to both increase space and create interest

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