The Benefit of a Fresh Set of Eyes



Interiors expert Tiffany Anderson has guided many home and business owners through the Christchurch rebuild. She’s excited about the shape the city is taking.

A professional set of eyes will ensure maximised use and enjoyment in any setting, Tiffany says.

She points out that when you live in a space, are so close to it and used to it being a certain way, it can be hard to imagine it working in a different arrangement, but a professional can help you see through a fresh pair of eyes.

“Clients might spend ages looking at things but are too involved to see the big picture. A designer should be there to simplify the process, to present ideas and help tie it all together,” Tiffany says.

That, and providing access to an exclusive network of resources and professionals that clients wouldn’t otherwise have access to, she says.

Canterbury is experiencing an exciting aesthetic coming-of-age of sorts, spurred by and in keeping with the region-wide rebuild.

While previously there hasn’t been the shared reasoning for being so boldly modern in a typically heritage building landscape, we are stepping away from that psyche.

“Canterbury has traditionally been a little more conservative, slightly English in style, especially when it comes to old and country homesteads.

“But we are getting more fashion-forward as far as interiors go and people are open to so many more ideas now and, with the surge of interior magazines and their digital counterparts Instagram and Pinterest, people are more willing to step outside their comfort zones.”

Through her company, Tiffany Anderson Design, Tiffany typically covers residential new builds and renovations throughout Canterbury, however a penchant for unique aesthetic ventures means the odd commercial job finds it way into the books.

One such job was the restoration of the Harlquin Public House restaurant and bar, which Tiffany felt “pretty special” to have been involved in.

The project required working closely with the client over six months, “bringing out the best of that building and being sympathetic to the design. We sourced gorgeous wall papers and tiles to reflect the character of the building, but also give it that modern twist”.

Another popular service for Tiffany is preparing homes for market, where a common request is a new colour scheme to freshen a space, tone it down or neutralise it as a blank canvas.

It was more than 20 years ago that Tiffany’s foray into interior design began. Landing an exciting role creating paint colours for boutique paint company Aalto Colour was, in hindsight, the perfect preparation for her solo creative venture into interior design.

With a multifaceted background in interiors and an enviable network of resources and contacts, Tiffany Anderson has her stake firmly in the ground as one of Canterbury’s foremost interior designers.


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