Bathroom bliss

If the kitchen is the heart of home, then the bathroom is its oasis.

The modern bathroom is far removed from the simple, utilitarian space it once was. Today’s incarnation is a personal retreat; a space and place where it’s all about you.

Interior designers working with the dizzying array of products now on offer means any concept can be created. This morphing of design and functionality is no better displayed than in the now, not so humble, bath. They’re now statements in design as much as they are functional tools and the array of shapes, sizes and designs allow you to create almost any look you like.

Contemporary trends favour clean, minimalist design dressed in warmer, traditional finishes, but no matter what your tastes, a beautiful bathroom adds value to your home as it’s widely considered the most profitable home improvement project.

And there are as many options regarding the extent of your remodelling as there are themes, designs, colours and products to choose from.

You can go all in with a total renovation (replacing toilet, tub, vanity, floor, etc.), or you could do a simple upgrade, which is much less expensive. Either way, you’ll still add value to your home and improve its liveability while you’re in it.

So go on, transform your bathroom from a utilitarian workroom into an island.


Trend setters

Bathrooms have evolved from a space that fulfils the basic necessities to become a personal retreat and an extension of your home’s style and personality. The 2014 bathroom trends strongly reflect these concepts with some exciting new ideas and also timeless looks, but they are all guaranteed to add wow factor.

Bathroom designers are steadily veering away from high gloss finishes and opting to experiment with a range of textures; the most popular of which is the matte finish. Matte finishes are leading bathroom styles right now and is the perfect way to add character and interest to the space. Experiment with matte by introducing neutral, bone or charcoal coloured tiles with a soft powdery matte finish.


Shades of white typically dominate the majority of most bathrooms and as a result they can look bland and sterile, but with just a hint of black this can all change. Elements of black add a bold, dramatic contrast set against a white backdrop and become the focal point in the room. Try modernising your bathroom with black faucets, tiles, vanity or even a bath.


When it comes to showers the biggest trend for 2014 is the seamless shower. Seamless showers have become an extension of bathrooms flowing effortlessly from their surroundings unobstructed into the stall. They are often much larger than an ordinary shower dominating the bathroom space.
This trend has become so popular people are ripping out their baths to create space for the sought after look. Top off the clean, seamless look with an ultra modern drain that runs along the sides of the shower and under the glass walls.


Natural materials have been a staple trend in the home for years and no doubt they will remain on trend for years to come. So you can be guaranteed designing with natural materials will stand the test on time. Now natural materials such as wood, stone and slate are taking a leading role in the bathroom. It is easy to achieve a high fashion look using natural materials, plus they complement a range of styles from rustic, contemporary and classic elegance. Incorporate natural materials with wooden cabinetry, slate tiles, bamboo flooring and natural stone sinks.


Bathrooms have become a place of serenity and a haven to retreat to at the end of a long day. This idea is being reflected in soft, fluid curves which create a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Embrace soft lines with curving vanities and oval or circular baths and use large mirrors to create a light, airy ambience. This style is becoming increasingly widespread and will likely continue to grow in popularity next year.



Statement baths


By Davina Richards


Looking for the perfect bath? Here’s a run down of three high-end bathtubs from lowest to highest price. The decision’s yours…

Kohler Evok freestanding bath
RRP: $2,840   Available from:

A nod towards the ordinary bathtub, but with a tweak in shape design to make it a little more interesting! Modern and stylish, this rectangular freestanding high quality acrylic bath includes a 40mm chrome pop-up waste and overflow, and a bath pillow is optional. Smart crisp lines complement a contemporary bathroom in a stylish home.


Cabrits freestanding bath
RRP: $7,589   Available from:

This freestanding bathtub is about looking after your comfort for an enhanced bathing experience. Contoured to fit the body, Cabrits offers enhanced support for bathers of all sizes and is complemented by a low profile vessel basin. Its smooth white finish solidifies its modern style and its unusual shape adds interest to your bathroom, all the while beckoning you into a bath-like hug.


Vieques bath by Agape, designed by Patrica Urquiola
RRP: $16,200   Available from:

If you’ve never noticed your bathtub before, you will with this one. Talented designer Patricia Urquiola has turned the old-fashioned bathtub into a stunning two-tone steel tub; with a white finish on the inside and a dark grey exterior. An elegant and sleek version of the old tin baths, complemented by a teak shelf and backrest.

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