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A workshop, a place to do up that classic car, extra storage space, an innovation chamber; your barn can be whatever you want it to be – they even make them to live in.

Introducing the Barn Kit, a product from McAlpines, the largest privately-owned sawmill, timber and building materials group in New Zealand.

“The Barn Kit is a new face on a product developed by McAlpines’ building division in Rangiora to expand on the already extensive track record we have in supplying quality Rural and Lifestyle Kitset Pole Buildings,” they say.

That extensive track record expands more than 20 years.

“Barn Kit came about to make it clear to our clients that pole sheds are our specialty,” says McAlpines’ building division manager, Darryn Brewster.

“It’s one of the most economic ways to build a structure. It’s simple, straight forward, economic and they fit most purposes. They are really quite a universal structure.”




An aesthetically pleasing range ideally suited to those living on 10-acre lifestyle blocks or more.

These sheds are built tough and have proven themselves against the powerful nor west winds of Canterbury, and they look good doing it.

Add flashings, your choice of colour steel, the latest auto or roller doors – it’s entirely up to you. They are fully customisable and the only limit is your imagination.

“We find out what our clients actually want to use the shed for, and then we find the most economical way to meet those needs; it’s all about getting the best use out of that piece of timber or that length of iron,” Darryn says.




A quality shed without the fuss.

“A hay shed or an implement shed with no frills – they’re basic and they do their job,” Darryn says.

But this doesn’t mean anything is taken away from their appearance, because any shed in the farm range certainly still looks the part.

Like the lifestyle range, these sheds are “classed as an importance level 1 structure,” Darryn explains, which means you don’t need to be a licensed builder to assemble them.

And being part of the McAlpines group, they have direct lines with suppliers, ensuring faster turnarounds.

The build side of it can be done in three weeks or less. “If you look at the entire process, you’re probably looking at around a two-month window, assuming all parties work to the schedule.”


The newest addition to the Barn Kit family.

With the cost of building becoming increasingly unattainable for some, people are looking for more economic options that will still stand the test of time.

That’s where the liveable range of barn kits come into play.

The liveable range is ideal for rural clients on 10 acre blocks or more.

On a rural site of 10 acres you’re typically allowed two dwellings: a minor dwelling and a main dwelling.

The minor dwelling allows for a maximum of 70-75sqm of habitable space with as much shed space attached as you need. The liveable range fits into this category.

Once built, your liveable barn is fully compliant and offers the warmth and sophistication of any home.

The habitable space features a mezzanine floor above theliving area for extra storage, and all windows and doors can be custom designed to suit your taste.

An ideal space to live for the long term or just while your main dwelling is underway.

It’s also a great option to get the teenagers out of the house, or a spot to house your parents or guests without having to give up the ultimate shed, “it hits a number of little niches,” says Darryn.

So whether you need extra storage space, a place to do up that classic car, or perhaps a new home, McAlpines Barn Kit have all the bases covered. Contact a Barn Kit representative today to find your ideal Barn Kit.

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