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Unlike interior layouts, landscapes are continuously evolving and maturing; thus, designers must incorporate seasonal transformation within their original concept. There is a real art to creating an outdoor space that you can feel proud of instantly, yet improves over time.

Artworks Landscape Ltd have been present in Christchurch for more than 30 years and are proficient in the craftsmanship that is landscape design.

Managing director Ross Marriott says it has taken many years for the landscape industry to become recognised for the craftsmanship it entails – not everyone can produce architectural designs that exude elegance, but that is what Artworks Landscape is recognised for throughout the city.

As Ross clearly illustrates “landscape design is an art form and is just as important as interior design and building architecture”.

The entranceway and exterior of a home often deliver that all important first impression. It has the ability to reflect who you are and can offer an immediate sense of pride to the homeowner. To achieve this ideal, incorporating the home’s character into the outdoor model can add real value.

Ross explains that the ideal project would involve discussions with the building architect, homeowner and the landscape designer, during the design stages of a new home build.

“Essentially what we want to do is compliment the building. What we do on the ground brings the building to life and works with it; both the structural and planting elements.”

Few people understand the complexities involved in creating a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing space.

“We want to connect with you as our client so we can understand what you are looking for,” Ross says.

Understanding your family’s dynamics, the estimated term of your stay and where you seek inspiration are great factors in the overall design.

Landscape architect Braydon Narbey says around 70 percent of Artworks’ clientele look to the entertainment aspect as the focal point, but forget to consider that an entertainment area without the greater garden is an incomplete picture.

The intimacy of the garden is in that gathering space, but you want to create the feeling that it expands beyond that. The atmosphere created outside is ultimately likened to that of the interior. Creating levels of separation and mystery, whilst being entirely functional; a walk-through story full of discovery.

Understanding that the overall concept can be difficult to visualise, Artworks Landscape offer a virtual model. This enables you to be inside the space and get a feel for what it will be like before construction begins.

Artworks Landscape offer the complete package: 

  • Consultation
  • Design/plans
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

It delivers a guided tour of your outdoor space, revealing how your garden will evolve throughout the seasons and through the stages to maturity – completely eradicating any guess work.

Their project managers and construction team can execute that design beyond expectations and are all long-serving employees of Artworks Landscape – their work is trusted and recognised.

Though Artworks’ style is well-recognised within Christchurch, they continue to remain at the forefront of up and coming movements within exterior design.

“We are very passionate about our work. We get so much joy out of taking our designs through to implementation. It’s incredibly satisfying to see our designs come to life.”

Their joy and satisfaction is shared among clients upon seeing their meticulously designed art works.


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