Freedom Furniture Alpine Throw

What better way to warm up in winter than to sink into your couch and wrap yourself in a cosy throw? Measuring 150x180cm, Freedom Furniture’s faux fur Alpine throw is perfect for just that – and there’s even be room for your better half to snuggle in too, depending on how cold/generous you’re feeling… 

RRP $189 


Freedom Furniture Kohl Candle Collection 

Nothing creates a warm allure like a collection of candles flickering around the room. Freedom Furniture’s KOHL candle collections have a size for every shelf and every room, for an altogether inviting, comfortable ambience for you and your guests to relax in. 

RRP from $4 


Wyatt Desk

Bring the warmth to your home and office this winter with the sleek by design, rich-in-aesthetic-appeal Wyatt Desk by Freedom Furniture. Measuring 135x50cm it will both make a statement that fills any large room and also fit comfortably within more modest-sized rooms, deeming it a perfect multi-purpose relic for many an interior space.

RRP $999 


Kentia Indoor Palm

Admire the beauty and benefits of the outdoors from the warmth and comfort of your couch, with low-maintenance indoor greenery. This easy to care for Howea Forsteriana palm boasts graceful fronds and loves a warm and moderately humid environment with bright indirect light, but is also okay in low light, making it an ideal house guest. 

RRP from $85


The Denver Ellipse Table Top Fireplace

Turn up the temperature – literally and aesthetically – with the Denver Ellipse™, a versatile and luxurious fireplace that offers unlimited decoration possibilities. Featuring two glass screens this innovative model can be placed on TV furniture, dining tables and countertops, or used as a stand-alone piece of furniture. It comes with a radio-frequency remote control which allows an adjustment of the flame intensity on six levels, or you can operate the fire via Bluetooth on your Apple or Android device, or via the decoflame® app. 

RRP $15,525 


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