Canterbury has entered a building and renovation boom unprecedented in its history.

It is an exciting time for both Christchurch and the province, and is reflected in our Canterbury Today business publication, which has produced more than 138 issues since 1985 for growing businesses in Canterbury.

But the need has obviously arisen for a publication that specifically reflects the opportunities and challenges faced by the building sector in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

It is here and called Build&Renovate Today.

Build&Renovate Today will focus on the commercial and residential rebuild.

It will be produced in addition to Canterbury Today, which will remain the voice of growing businesses in our region.

Build&Renovate Today is designed to help residents move onwards through the process of rebuilding their communities; be it their homes and living spaces, home offices, the corner coffee shop or community centre. The gloss magazine will offer quality informative editorial, along with a range of comprehensive options available to rebuild and renovate.