A sensational spa at home

Bathrooms are normally regarded as a place of function – the room which sees a steady procession of home dwellers frequently using its facilities throughout the day.

But they can also be designed to incorporate a bit of luxury to get that “spa at home” feel and transform it into a room you want to linger in, not just use.

Nothing says spa like a tub. It provides a place to zone out from the real world. So if you have the space, seriously think about incorporating it into the plan. If there is only one bathroom in the house, including a double sink can not only create a more opulent look, it can prevent chaos when trying to get out the door in the morning.

If your toilet is incorporated in the bathroom space, remember to place it so that it is not the first thing you want to see when opening the door. If you can tuck it into a corner with a faux half wall beside it, it will create a less ablution-block atmosphere. Ensure your colour is not too garish – remember you are trying to create a sanctuary which is peaceful and where you can wind down. If you do want to add a bit of bright into the room, do it on a smaller scale with accessories.

Wallpaper is another way to create that wow factor. If you’re looking for classical theme, a soft-flocked wallpaper is an easy way to get the glamour. For a more contemporary feel, try a geometric patterned wallpaper.

Tiling or coloured glass panels are also another way to incorporate style and class while reflecting light.

Often it is the clutter in a bathroom that can make it look and feel busy. To create a more tranquil environment, cull out anything you don’t use. Get rid of everything cluttering your visual space.

Create beautiful and accessible storage for the things you use all the time – this includes items such as soaps, cotton buds, bath bombs, and repackage them in affordable glass jars or canisters. Having simple and uniform storage will create a more pleasant and subdued space.

The finishing touches can make all the difference when it comes to dressing up your bathroom. Glass jars can be bought cheaply from a number of homeware and affordable shopping centres. Candles, lush towels, scented soaps, flowers, mirrors can all add to the ambience.

The ultimate in bathroom luxury is a chair – handy for laying out clothes, sitting to dry off, or even for someone to come and talk to you and share a glass of wine while you’re soaking in the bubbles. Again conventional or modern there are many to chose from in a variety of coverings and colours.

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