A natural touch

EVOK-BM-LSNatural elements and tones are some of the most soothing around. They can soothe the spirit and cast away negative energy, so why not apply this to the place you call home?

Stones and pebbles are a natural material which come in various sizes and colours and can be used to connect the outdoors with the indoors, adding a decorative statement to any home. They add an element of nature, beauty and warmth to your home, as well as being easy to maintain, affordable and durable.

You can use them in bathrooms to create a feature; a pebble floor or wall is a popular option with many pattern choices to choose from.

Used on the floor they can outline the shape of a bath to reinforce the main feature of your bathroom and use creative lighting fixtures where you want specific areas to stand out the most.

Pebbles look stunning underneath glass – a dining table with a flat stone top with a panel of glass over it creates an interesting detail to your kitchen. You could also do the same with small side tables, shelves, ledges, seating areas and many other places.

If you fancy getting a bit hands-on and crafty, try making a pebble coaster, or rest a candle in the middle of a glass jar, use sand in the bottom and enclose the candle with pebbles. You can even use them to cover the soil of your potted plants.

By letting nature into your home you are using natural colours and textures to give that essence of living in a Zen garden. The earthy tones will create a harmony you deserve day after day.

So however you intend to use stones and pebbles, you’ll pull off the rustic meets modern look in a sophisticated way.

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