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Claudia Kaltenstadler of Harakeke Consultants has spent the past 12 years dedicating her life to creating energy efficient buildings and driving sustainability.

She has seen the switch of ‘green’ buildings being considered a fad to being embraced by prominent designers and builders as the only way forward.

Claudia accepts that many people want to live in homes that are energy efficient and sustainable, but they just aren’t sure what they need to do.

In collaboration with Land Design architectural firm in Christchurch, who Claudia works with as an environmental consultant, she can offer advice on how to get there.

“We’ve realised that many people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to building an energy-efficient home.

“At Harakeke Consultants we have the passion, knowledge and experience to advise clients every step of the way.”

Harakeke Consultants is a member of The Superhome Movement and is an accredited partner of Lifemark.

One concept that aligns every value that Claudia stands for, and is the most advanced measure of sustainability, is the Living Building Challenge (LBC).

The challenge is made up of seven performance areas referred to as ‘Petals’. These Petals outline the goals and intentions of the certification.

Though the LBC is the pinnacle, it goes to show what needs to be achieved for us to cherish our natural resources. Just embracing a few of the ‘petals’ will be a leap in the right direction.

Harakeke Consultants can guide you through your options every step of the way to help you get the best out of your home.

The Petals Brief Outline


Finding a site that is acceptable to build on that will do as little damage as possible to the natural environment, and how the site will be restored and protected after it has been built on.


The dwelling must use only what it can gather by collecting and filtering storm water run-off.


The dwelling must rely solely on renewable forms of energy such as, photovoltaic solar panels.


A warm, dry and healthy space open to fresh air and daylight.


Any materials used on site must be non-toxic and socially equitable. All manufacturers’ specifications must be kept to ensure no ‘Red Listed’ items are used.


A non-discriminatory space that encourages a sense of community. Equitable access to all, regardless of ability.


Create an aesthetically pleasing space that uplifts and enhances your mood and spirit.

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