Better brand of window
NK Window Solutions owners Martin Ball and Prue Chapman.


European homeowners have been keeping a secret that New Zealanders are just beginning to discover – the superior insulation, security and noise reduction benefits of PVCu windows and doors.

The high performance PVCu window and door system is available from NK Window Solutions Limited in Christchurch, a growing company with a vision of giving Kiwis all the benefits of a proven
European system.

NK Windows’ PVCu profiles are made by German extrusion company Kommerling, with the window and door hardware made in Austria. The range offers a variety of styles and designs that can be fitted into any type of property.

Windows and doors feature seamless, uncluttered lines, which reflect the most modern in European tilt-and-turn design, with no visible ugly rivets, gaps, screws or joins.
Huge thermal efficiencies

PVCu is an excellent thermal insulator and a poor heat conductor, keeping the weather out and the warmth in.
Owner Martin Ball says the thermal benefits of the PVCu system cannot be overstated, outperforming any thermally broken aluminium joinery on the market.

“They are over 20 percent better insulation than a thermal break window and over 30 percent more than a typical double glazed window. Plus there’s no condensation,” he says.

“It’s highly thermally efficient and there is less heat escaping out the window. The windows and doors are sealed with double seals, creating an air-tight window. This also improves the acoustic performance, resulting in less traffic noise.”

PVCu windows and doors show no negative effects caused by heavy rain, snow, strong sun or smog. They do not rot, corrode or warp and even after many years, the windows are still attractive, perfectly tight and working well.
They are ideal for use in buildings close to the sea, where they are permanently exposed to strong windows, heavy rain and salty air.

Tilt and turn windows

NK Windows’ tilt-and-turn window profiles are a new concept for New Zealanders, as they open inwards.
“Inwards opening is a new thing for Kiwis, but it’s normal throughout Europe,” Martin says. “It’s done for practical reasons – when you live upstairs you can clean your windows easily, but you do have to think about furnishings and blinds.”

Tilt-and-turn windows offer a two-way opening feature. They can be tilted inwards at the top, or can open inwards horizontally as an in-swing casement window.

When in a tilted position they provide venting from the top, while preserving climate control in a wide range of environments.

Internationally, tilt-and-turn windows and doors are the highest performing window on the market. They offer easy cleaning and maintenance, combined with added security and low noise pollution.

“One of the challenges we have is that most people start the design process and then get their plans before they talk to us about the window openings.”

Extra security for your home

Added security is another huge benefit of NK Windows’ range of PVCu windows and doors, which are particularly tough to break into.

High stability window and door profiles made of PVCu offer the best solution for increased safety. Special fittings in glazing, qualified window fabrication and expert installation offer an enhanced security at various levels.

Martin says the company’s PVCu windows feature multiple locking points around the frame.

“A typical window would have two or three locking points on each side – they go right around the frame,” he says.

“We also glaze from the inside. It’s German law that you can’t glaze from the outside; so you can’t pop the glass out by removing the beading on the outside.”

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