6 Home Renovation Steps

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  • March 12, 2018
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Put more of your hard-earned dollars into the things you want to around the home with these six easy to follow steps: 

  1. Book your Realsure HouseProud inspection now and get the facts about where your home is really at and what needs to be done.
  2. Write up a maintenance plan based on the prioritised work identified in your report.
  3. Work out what else you want to do and add to your plan as ‘improvements’.
  4. Get quotes/costs for the ‘high priority’ and ‘improvement’ work in the plan.
  5. Set your budget. Allocate to the most urgent work and what is left can go towards the improvements you want to do.
  6. Set dates for the work, organise necessary help, and away you go.

Preferably, this would have been done prior to purchase, but if you’re ever in the position to upgrade your home, it is never too late to assess its state.

Sarah has run multiple speaking seminars on house maintenance and has some perfect examples of good work going to waste.

“It’s all well and good to replace that rotten skirting – but why is it rotten? That’s the issue that needs to be fixed.”

Accredited building surveyors will alert you to the problem saving you a lot more money in the long run. “It is the most cost-effective first step before you undertake any renovation.”

Sarah says this not only from a business point of view but from a personal point of view as well.

“I’ve built several homes and renovated numerous homes, we use it [inspections] for reviewing investment properties and to assist with costing budgets. Without it you could absolutely blow your budget. But we see all the time why it should have been done before people do a renovation or an extension.”

A builder is not a building surveyor, “it’s a completely different profession,” Sarah confirms.

Assessing the state of a building is not necessarily their job. Often, Sarah says, the team at Realsure will get called in by architects or builders who are about to do a renovation and notice it’s going to cause them problems because of the condition of the existing home.

But this may not get picked up by all.

Realsure owner Bruce Symon has seen so many people beautifying their interiors without paying any attention to the exterior work. “They are not doing the work that keeps the weather out,” he says.

Realsure see rot damage around joinery and gaps between the joins, rotting piles, old roofs that need replacing and because people are not aware of these things, they are spending money on the wrong areas.

“People will have these beautiful kitchens only to see the rain come through a couple of months later. They didn’t understand the condition of their home before they allocated a budget and began renovations,” Sarah explains.

And it is more common than you think.

What Realsure will often see is, when doing an extension, the house actually needs new piles, or people will renovate straight over old damage without fixing the problem; especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Accredited building surveyors, accredited being the operative word, give you a risk summary outlining the sense of urgency for the maintenance factor surrounding your home.

Any significant defects they find that you need to be aware of will be brought to light, increasing the odds your renovation plans will go ahead without a hitch, but more importantly, you will understand how safe your home really is.

Thinking of renovating? If you hadn’t already booked in a house inspection, now would be the time.


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