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If you are planning a building or renovation project for your home, it’s likely you will need to obtain an approved consent before beginning work.

The process of gaining a consent and following through to obtain a Code of Compliance Certificate at the end can be daunting, time-consuming and frustrating.

There are some simple things you and your builder can do to save hours, weeks and dollars on building inspections.

Here are five tips to passing building inspections:

1. Make sure you are ready for the building inspection
A lot of contractors are so busy they find it easier to use an inspector to compile a snag list of issues to address.

2. Address any changes as soon as possible
To reduce possible delays, be sure to discuss these changes with the inspector as early in the process as possible.

3. Keep learning
Keep developing and improving your own technical knowledge, particularly if you are working with materials or products you are unfamiliar with.

4. Feel free to ask inspectors questions
They are highly trained and very knowledgeable about the Building Code and are very up-to-date on the latest trends and construction techniques.

5. Get your paperwork in order
Make sure you have all of your outstanding certificates and other paperwork when applying for the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

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