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5 Minutes with Interior Designer Lucy Wilkie

How did you end up in interiors?

I completed a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, specialising in interior architecture. Having this training and understanding of construction has been extremely beneficial throughout my career.

What do you say to those who think they don’t need someone to tell them how to decorate?

Interior design lends itself to many things beyond decorating, including space planning to make the most of your space no matter how big or small. The layout of the space directly affects the flow and feel. This is the secret behind achieving a space that feels comfortable to be in. The colours, fabrics and materials are what completes a room.

What do you wish your clients knew about interior design?

We work collaboratively with architects and high-end builders. It’s important that we work as a team from the beginning of the projects that we are involved with to ensure a well detailed, well finished home.

What’s your interiors style?

My personal style is timeless elegance and understated colours and palettes. I don’t design to any fleeting trends, but rather I like to work with my clients to help them better realise and create their own personal style and vision.

Can you share one of your style secrets?

Without fail, less is always more.

If money was no object, what would you include in every job?

Original artwork and sculpture. These statements really help personalise a home.

Anything you can save on?Anything and everything — where there’s a will there is a way.

What’s the next big thing interiors-wise?

People are looking for timeless design. We are delighted to have Kelly Hoppen’s furniture collection ‘Retrospective Collection’ available exclusively to Frobisher. (The London-based celebrity interior designer counts the likes of David and Victoria Beckham as clients.)

Easiest way to transform a home?



Article supplied by Registered Master Builders House of the Year Magazine


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